Benefics and Malefics for Each Ascendant:

Updated: Oct 17, 2021

Aries: Jupiter, the Sun and Mars are benefics.Saturn, Mercury and Venus are malefics.Jupiter is the best benefic while Mercury is the greatest malefic as he is the lord of 3rd and the 6th house.

Taurus: Saturn, Mercury, Mars and the Sun are benefics.Jupiter, Venus and the Moon are malefics.The best benefic is Saturn as he own the 9th and the 10th house.

Gemini: Venus is the most benefic planet for Gemini ascendant.The most malefic is Mars as he is the lord of 6th and the 11th house.Jupiter and Sun are also malefic.The Moon and Mercury are considered as neutrals.

Cancer: Jupiter and Mars are benefics. Venus and Mercury are malefics. The Moon, the Sun and Saturn are neutrals.

Leo: Mars and the Sun are benefics. Mercury and Venus are malefics.Jupiter, the Moon and Saturn are neutrals.

Virgo: Venus is the best benefic. The Moon, Mars and Jupiter are malefics.The Sun, Saturn and Mercury are neutrals.

Libra: Saturn, Mercury and Venus are benefics.The Sun, the Moon and Jupiter are malefics.

Scorpio: The Moon, Jupiter and the Sun are benefics.Mercury and Venus are malefics.Mars and Saturn are neutrals.

Sagittarius: The Sun and Mars are benefics.Venus, Saturn and Mercury are malefics. Jupiter and the Moon are neutrals.

Capricorn: Venus, Mercury and Saturn are benefics.Mars, Jupiter and the Moon are malefics.The Sun is neutral.

Aquarius: Venus, the Sun and Mars are benefics.Jupiter and the Moon are malefics and Mercury is neutral.

Pisces: The Moon and Mars are benefics.The Sun, Saturn, Venus and Mercury are malefics.Jupiter is neutral.

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