How to Judge the Prosperity/Destruction through a House

  • Prosperity of a house is to be considered if it conjunct or is aspected by a benefic.

  • Also when its lord is in Yuvavastha or in Prabuddhavastha or in Kaumaravastha or in the 10th house, the bhava’s wellbeing is indicated.

The prosperity of a house is confirmed under the following conditions:

1. The house that contains a benefic.

2. The house that is aspected by a benefic.

3. The house whose lord is in Yuvavastha or in Kumaravastha.

4. Prabuddhavastha is considered as the state of awakeness.This applies when a planet is in own sign or in exaltation sign.The bhava owned by an exalted planet or in own sign flourishes.

5. Except the luminaries the other five planets own each two houses.A planet owning two houses if placed in own house, it predominantly acts on behalf of the house occupied by it, on the other hand its another house also gets strengthened by virtue of such a planet.

6. The house owned by a planet placed in 10th from the ascendant will produce good result.

Following are the conditions under which a house suffers destruction:

1. The bhava unaspected by its lord does not flourish.Each bhava cannot be under the aspect of its lord, this does not mean that the bhava suffers annihilation.It may be understood that in the absence of such an aspect, the bhava can be look looked upto the alternative sources as those of prosperity.If a malefic relation is there for a bhava, its lord’s aspect on it is an antidote.

2. The lord of a bhava joining a malefic is a disadvantage for the bhava.If the said malefic is a friendly planet to the bhava lord or if they join in favourable houses,then the negative effects are minimized.Even if it is an exalted malefic, then also good effects may be expected.

3. The lord of a house in conjunction with the lord of 6th/8th/12th cannot be productive of good.If he himself is an evil lord, then some relief can be expected.

4. If a planet is defeated in planetary war, its bhava’s ability is void.

Planetary war: When two planets are on the same degree there occurs a war and the one with the lesser longitude is the winner.The luminaries does not enter into

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