Planetary Karakatwas:

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

Each planet in a horoscope is supposed to be a Karaka or indicator of certain events in life.The functions of a Karaka are similar to those of the Bhava or house.

  • Karakas Play an important role in measuring events related to Gochara or transits.

Any planet can acquire any karakatwa or lordship on the basis of its degree.

The names of the Karakatwas are Atma, Amatya, Bhratru, Matru, Pitru, Putra, Gnati and Dara.


  • The planet having the maximum number of degrees is called Atmakaraka.If the degrees are identical, then the one with more minutes of arc and if the minutes are also identical then the one with the higher seconds of arc will have to be considered.

  • Atmakaraka is the most important and has a prime say on the native just as the King is the most famous among the men of his country and is the head of all affairs and is entitled to arrest and release men.

  • The strength or weakness of the Atmakaraka reflects the general strength or weakness of the entire horoscope.

  • The natural Atmakaraka is Ravi or The Sun.

  • As the minister cannot go against the King, the other karakas cannot predominate over Atmakaraka over the affairs of the native.

  • If the atmakaraka is adverse, other karakas cannot give their benefic effects fully.

  • If the Atmakaraka is favourable , other karakatwas cannot predominate with their malefic influences.


  • The planet next to Atmakaraka in terms of degrees is called Amatyakaraka. He is considered as the minister or the follower of the King.

  • The planet next to Amatyakaraka in terms of degrees is called Bhratru Karaka.He is the lord of the brothers.All events related to brothers and sisters have to be read from Bhratu Karaka.

  • The Planet next to Bhratu Karaka is Matru Karaka.He is the lord of the mother.Moon is the natural karaka of mother.

  • The Planet next to Matru Karaka is Pitru Karaka.

  • The planet next to Pitru Karaka is Putra Karaka.He is the lord of children.The natural Putra Karaka is Jupiter.

  • The planet next to Putra Karaka is Gnathi Karaka.He is the lord of cousins.The natural Gnati Karaka is Mars.

  • The planet next to Gnati Karaka is Darakaraka. He is the lord of wife.The natural Darakaraka is Venus.

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